At BabyTENS we believe that our customer's needs are of the upmost importance. Being a mum of three I understand the concerns women have in the run up to their labour. Being prepared and in control will ensure you are relaxed to enjoy the magical moment.

All three of my labours would not have been as positive as they were without the use of a TENS machine, with this in mind I felt so strongly on the benefits of using a TENS machine that I setup my very own TENS machine hire service.

I know whether its your 1st baby or your 10th, every labour is different. I have received positive feedback from our many TENS machine rental customers. I am proud to have helped lots of mums-to-be have total control of their labours, births and bodies.

My aim is to provide a great service at a competitive price and to give each expectant mum the same joyful experience that I gained from using a TENS maternity machine.