When will I receive my machine?

Your machine will arrive at 37 weeks. We'll work it out from your due date and make sure your machine arrives in plenty of time.

Can a TENS machine be used with other forms of pain relief?

Yes the TENS machine can be used with Gas and Air and Petherdine if you wish.

Can I use a TENS machine if I am planning a water birth?

You are able to use a TENS machine but not in the water itself. Your Midwife will allow you to enter the birthing pool when you are around 4-5cm dilated so the use of a TENS machine is extremely effective before you enter the pool as well as in the pool due to the fact that the effect of the TENS will remain in your system for around half an hour after you have removed the TENS machine. Many women choose to get out of the water for the remainder of their labour to give birth, so you have the freedom to use the TENS machine in whatever fashion you wish.

How effective is the TENS Machine?

The Neuro Trac Tens machine is proven to be over 80% effective in reducing pain during labour.

How is the Neuro Trac TENS so effective?

The Neuro Trac TENS Machine releases your bodies natural pain killers, endorphins and encephalins. These 'positive signals' to the brain blocks the slower-moving pain messages coming from your cervix and womb.

What is the booster button used for?

The Neuro Trac TENS Machine comes with a booster button which when pressed gives you additional pain relief when contractions are at their strongest.

What does the TENS machine feel like?

You will feel a pleasant tingling sensation where the Electrode pads are placed.

Can I use the TENS machine after birth?

Yes you can, many woman have found the use of the TENS machine very effective in reducing the discomfort of uterus contraction after birth which is caused by your unterus contracting back to pre pregnancy size. The TENS machine can be used duuring breastfeeding and with back pain.

Can I use "Any " TENS Machine?

No, there are many types of TENS machines which are designed for many different uses. The Neuro Trac TENS Machine is specifically designed for use during labour.