Kim Kardashian - Pregnant

If you read any celebrity magazine, there will always be stories about celebrity pregnancies, how they are dealing with it and much more. Although we can often read about their life as a pregnant woman we often don't find out too many of their personal details - and rightly so! So, we thought we'd put together a look what we think might be in their hospital bag, if we were allowed to have a peek inside!

 For Labour

One thing we would expect to wear is something like a sports bra. These are fantastic for giving good support whilst remaining comfortable. For the labour itself we wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of pain relief such as a tens machine in a celebrity hospital bag either.
We know that many celebrities love their music so it is likely there will be some sort of MP3 player and docking station or speakers  to play the music out loud. Snack wise we would expect high quality chocolate and fruit juice, to be consumed with doctors permission of course.

For Baby

Any celebrity baby is likely to have an abundance of items waiting for them in their new nursery when they get home - but what will mum take with her to the hospital? Well, babies don't know that they are celebrities when they are born so items are pretty standard. For example you can almost guarantee that they will be some muslin cloths and some nappies packed in the bag. Of course there will be plenty of baby clothes packed too - probably something designer or very high end fashion. Water wipes are likely to be paced too.
The chances are that mum (and dad) will want to capture everything and therefore a decent camera will also be packed. That way they can capture the very first moments and remember them forever.

For Mum

There are plenty items for mum likely to be in the bag too. A coming home outfit and probably a makeup kit - after all, they could be facing the cameras when they leave the hospital and will want to look their best. A decent hair brush and toiletries are likely to be in the bag too, so that mum can look her best when she leaves!
Of course, when anyone has a baby all rules and plans tend to go out of the window. However, these are the items we would expect to see in a celebrity hospital bag!