Simon Cowell and baby Eric

Now that we're well into 2015, we're starting to see a number of baby name trends come out of the wood work. We might only be a few weeks into the new year, but we're definitely seeing that predictions from last year are coming true!


So, what baby names are we likely to see for the rest of the year?

Well for starters we have another royal baby due in Spring, so really all bets are off for the time being. Without a doubt whatever the royal couple decide to name their baby will have a massive influence on baby names for the later part of 2015. Of course they haven't told us what the name is going to be, but the chances are that it will something traditional to match the baby's older brother George.

Name Predictions for 2015

There are names which have been at the top of the charts for a number of years and these show no sign of disappearing any time soon. Names that we'll see continue throughout 2015 for girls include Sophia, Olivia, Emily and Lilly. We'll see boys names such as Jack, Jacob, Noah and Oliver carry on being popular this year too.
We do expect some new contenders this year. Girls names include Lana, Martha and Brooke.  Boys names that are likely to be popular include Roman, Jesse and Jenson.

Baby Name Influences

Over recent years we have seen a definite increase in celebrity influence on names that are chosen. This year we're likely to see an increase in names influenced by the likes of Breaking Bad and The Hunger Games. These have also influenced recent years, but there is a definite trend for this increasing.
We're also going to see other celebrities influence names. Much like there were a number of baby Erics born after Simon Cowell became a father for the first time. Many celebrities are going for unusual baby names and these perhaps won't catch on when it comes to popularity as much as some, but we definitely have more baby Apples that we did a few years ago, thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow.