Water Birth

When it comes to giving birth to your child there seems to be plenty of things to think about and consider. Where you will have them? What you will take? Even the pain relief that you are going to opt for during delivery.

It seems that natural births are becoming more and more popular with expectant mothers which in turn has seen a rise in water births.

But why is this? What has made water births so popular? To understand more we have put together some of the biggest benefits to opting for a water birth. Whether it is in your local birthing centre, hospital or perhaps in the comfort of your own home, here is why many women swear by their own water birth experiences.


Pain Relief

 It is thought that women who opt for a water birth will be far less likely to ask for medical pain relief. This is because the water is thought to lower the feelings of pain and help soothe each contraction.

Less stress

Women who give birth in the water are usually much calmer than those who are on a bed. This may be thanks to the reduced feelings of pain. Being anxious can cause issues during labour therefore a relaxed mum is one that is likely to have an easier labour.


When you are in water your body weight is supported. This means that you will find it easier to stay upright and keep an open pelvis. You can also move around much freer in water then you could on a bed, meaning that you can find the right position for you.

Reduced tearing

As the water softens your perineum tissues it becomes suppler. This means that it will stretch to accommodate the baby’s head and lessen the chance that you will tear or require an episiotomy.

It works with other pain relief

Whilst you can’t hook up your tens machine during a water birth, there are other forms of pain relief that you can use. Popular ones include gas and air, massage and aromatherapy. If you do decide that you require pethidine or an epidural, then you will be asked to leave the pool as these cannot be combined.

It is relaxing

Above all else, a birthing pool offers a peaceful, serene and relaxing environment within which to have your baby. Being in the water will release plenty of endorphins, which help to block out pain and you will also feel more confident in your ability to give birth.

A natural birth with Tens

Don’t forget, when it comes to drug free pain relief during childbirth, tens can help. A proven method to block the pain signals experienced during labour, you can arrange tens machine hire to help you to cope with contractions without the need for epidurals or injections.

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