Plus size and pregnant

Being pregnant can be a scary and worrying time at the best of times, but when you’re plus size you’re often told you have much more to worry about. If you’re a curvy female than you probably know the risks of being overweight in general, but when you’re pregnant these can be heightened.
That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get pregnant or that you shouldn’t enjoy your pregnancy. However what you should do is be responsible and make sure you deal with the pregnancy in the best possible way.

Keep on Top of Things

Without a doubt you need to make sure that you keep on top with any medical check-ups that you are invited to. If your BMI is above a certain level then the chances are that you’ll be invited to a few interim check-ups along the way – make sure you attend these. Keeping an eye on your health and ensuring that any potential issues are picked up early is essential to ensuring that your pregnancy runs as smoothly as possible.

Eat Regular Meals

When you get pregnant and your weight becomes an issue it can be tempting to diet and try to eat less. This is something that you should speak to your doctor about as most of the time it’s not recommended. Instead what you need to do is make sure that you eat a balanced diet full of healthy food – remember your baby is getting all of its nutrients for you, so it’s important you make sure they get everything they need.

Worrying about Weight Gain

You will gain weight when you are pregnant and this isn’t something that should be an issue. What you need to do is make sure that you don’t use the age-old ‘eating for two’ saying to increase what you are eating. In general weight gain shouldn’t start until the 2nd trimester and you should only expect to gain around a stone and a half in total, so not that much at all really.

Stay Active

It can be tempting to sit at home and relish the feeling of being pregnant, but really you should stay as active as possible. Throughout your pregnancy try to walk for 15 minutes a day. Remember that giving birth is going to make a lot of effort so you’re going to want to ensure that your stamina is as high as possible.
Most of the advice for plus size pregnancy is the same as anyone else that is carrying a baby. Look after yourself, attend all of your appointments and listen to the advice of medical professionals. Of course, on top of it all you should make sure you enjoy it!